Lexikon - Management - Kotter


"Leading Change"

Das folgende Zitat ist von John P. Kotter. Er unterrichtet als Professor an der Harvard Business School und ist einer der bekanntesten Autoren im Führungs- und Change-Management.

“For people who have been raised in a managerial culture where having everything under control was the central value taking steps to push up the urgency level can be particularly difficult. Bold moves that reduce complacency tend to increase conflict and create anxiety, at least at first. Real leaders take action because they have confidence that the forces unleashed can be directed to achieve important ends. But for someone who has been rewarded for thirty or forty years for being a cautious manager, initiatives to increase urgency levels often look too risky or just plain foolish."


John P. Kotter: Leading Change, Boston Massachusetts, 1996, S. 43.

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